Sunday, 9 March 2014

DAMPE to reveal the dark secrets of dark matter

A group of physicists from Institute of High Energy Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, in their recently published paper, have proposed a prototype of a device whose main objective will be to detect and measure the spectrum of high energy cosmic ray nuclei and high energy electron and gamma ray.

DAMPE (Dark Matter Particle Explorer) is a satellite based device, which will be capable of measuring cosmic rays from 100GeV to 100TeV, accompanied with high energy electrons and gamma ray from 5GeV to 10TeV.  This device will contain matrix of 180 silicon PIN detectors covering a total area of 32*20 cm^2. With this device, scientists might be able to capture much more clear data on the emission of cosmic rays from the deep space, which in turn could help them to understand the propagation of cosmic rays much better.

For best performance, DAMPE comes with four sub detectors installed in it, (detailed description of which is properly described in the paper whose link has been attached to the end of this blog), 1) The Plastic Scintillator, 2) The Silicon Tracker, 3) The BGO Electromagnetic Calorimeter, and at last 4) The Neutron detector. According to the physicists, the resolution power of this device will be improved by atleast 40% for capturing cosmic rays of 800GeV.

As seen in last few days, scientists have been capturing unwanted cosmic ray signals from the center of the galaxies whose origin till now could not be understood. According to most of them, it could be Dark matter, but being still an assumption it is not taken that seriously. May be in the future devices like DAMPE help them to turn their assumptions into a discovery.

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